Ulster and World Peace

Belfast Newsletter, Tuesday 27 December, 1921.

International politics never sleeps, even at Christmas time. This message from Sir James Craig to the United States sings the nation's praises and applauds their efforts for continued good-will amongst all nations.


Sir James Craig's Message to United States

In a Christmas message circulated by the Associated Press of America to its 1,300 affiliated papers, Sir James Craig says :-

On behalf of Britain's youngest offspring I willingly express Ulster's complete confidence in Mr. Balfour and his colleagues in their endeavours to secure permanent good-will amongst nations.

This effort in the United States to promote universal trust and freedom from war sacrifices American soil, and emphasises the greatness of her people.

Ulster will rejoice with the world if there radiates from Washington this Christmas season tidings of international peace, which will in the hearts of all of us add yet another star to the folds of 'Old Glory'.


Prime Minister Northern Ireland.