Lord Lieutenant Summons Northern and Southern Parliaments
Edmund Talbot, the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland. © National Portrait Gallery, London.

Dublin Gazette, 4 May 1921

On the evening of 4 May 1921, the day after the formal enactment of the Government of Ireland Act, the newly appointed Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, Edmund Talbot, Lord Fitzalan, summoned the new 'Northern' and 'Southern' parliaments established under the act. The first meeting of the Northern parliament was set for 7 June in Belfast, while the Southern parliament’s first – and what would turn out to be its only – meeting was scheduled for 28 June.

Northern Parliament Summoned: Proclamation by Lord Lieutenant

By his Excellency the Lord Lieutenant-General and Governor-General of Ireland. 

A proclamation declaring the calling of a Parliament of Northern Ireland.

Whereas by the Government of Ireland Act, 1920, it is enacted that on and after a certain day, to be fixed in the manner therein provided, there shall be established for Northern Ireland a Parliament, be called the Parliament of Northern Ireland, consisting of his Majesty’s Senate of Northern Ireland and the House of Commons of Northern Ireland; 

And whereas it is further provided therein that the Lord Lieutenant shall, in his Majesty’s name, summon, prorogue, and dissolve the Parliament of Northern Ireland; 

And whereas his Majesty did by Order in Council fix the 3rd day of May, 1921, as the day on and after which the Parliament of Northern Ireland should be established: 

And whereas his Majesty is desirous and resolved to meet his people of Northern Ireland and to have their advice Parliament: 

Now I, the Right Hon. Edmund Bernard Viscount Fitzalan of Derwent, Lieutenant-General and General Governor of Ireland, do hereby make known all his Majesty's loving subjects his Royal will and pleasure to call a Parliament of Northern Ireland, and do further declare that I have given Order that the Chancellor of the part of the United Kingdom called Ireland do, upon notice thereof, forthwith issue writs in his Majesty’s name under the Great Seal of Ireland in due form and according to law for calling a Parliament of Northern Ireland to meet at the city of Belfast on Tuesday, the 7th day of June next; 

And I do hereby also this proclamation require writs forthwith to be issued under the Great Seal of Ireland accordingly by the said Chancellor for causing the Senators and Commons who are to serve in the said Parliament to be duly returned and give their attendance his Majesty's said Parliament on Tuesday, the 7th day of June next, which writs are to be returnable in due course of law. 

Given at his Majesty’s Castle of Dublin this 4th day of May, 1921. 

Fitzalan of Derwent. God Save the King.