Greek Government Purchases Irish Horses

Belfast News-Letter, 15 August 1921

In August 1921, over 1,000 horses were purchased by the Greek Government and then shipped from Belfast to Athens. Upon arrival the horses were used in the Greco-Turkish War, which ended in Turkish victory in October 1922.

Large Consignment From Belfast

During the past week large numbers of Irish horses have been purchases for the Greek Government to meet the requirements of the war with Turkey, and over 1,100 animals were shipped from Belfast on Saturday evening per the s.s. Manhattan—a vessel of 8,000 tons, built by Messrs. Harland & Wolff in 1898, and of which Captain Lizell is in command, with Mr. Robinson as chief officer. The vessel has been chartered by the Greek Government for transport purposes, and arrived at Belfast harbour on Friday. It is stated that a Greek mission has been all through the country making the necessary purchases, and have been assisted by numerous horse-dealers in their operations. Forty local men were engaged to look after the animals on the voyage to Athens, and every precaution has been taken to secure the safety of the ship, crew, and cargo.