A Fine Treatment for Catarrh

The Belfast Telegraph, Thursday 15 September 1921

The Belfast Telegraph suggests a home remedy for cold and flu symptoms, as well as asthma and hay fever.



If you suffer from catarrh, head noises, sore throat, asthma or hay fever here is a fine recipe that invariably effects a permanent cure after all other treatments have failed. Its effect in the worst cases is most striking and positive.

The cattarahal poison is quickly driven from the system, and its tonic action immediately increases the vitality, which is always lowered by this insidious disease. From your chemist obtain 1oz Parmint (Double Strength): take this home and add it to 1/2 pint of hot water and 1oz of sugar or two dessertspoonfuls of golden syrup or honey: stir until dissolved. Take one dessertspoonful four times a day.

This first dose promptly ends the most miserable headache, dulness, sneezing, sore throat, running of the nose, cattarhal discharges, head noises, and other loathsome symptoms that always accompany this disgusting disease.

Loss of smell, defective hearing and mucus dropping in the back of the throat are other symptoms that show the presence of catarrh, and which are quickly overcome by the use of this simple treatment.

Every person who has cattarh in any form should give this prescription a trial. There is nothing better.