Welcome to Creative Centenaries

Welcome to the Creative Centenaries website!

100 years ago, a succession of events unfolded across a ten-year period that would redefine the island of Ireland and its people forever.

Beginning with the signing of the Ulster Covenant in 1912 and ending with civil war and the partition of the island in 1921, Ireland was engulfed in a period of tumultuous change and great social upheaval.

100 years later, as the events being remembered take on a truly international dimension and interest in them has grown significantly, a Decade Of Centenaries is unfolding which allows us to look back, to remember and to commemorate.

The Creative Centenaries project, led by the Nerve Centre and supported by the Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure (DCAL), brings together information and resources about the Decade of Centenaries and the work of Northern Ireland’s creative sector in commemorating these events.

From digital storytelling to educational resources to a sharing of knowledge and expertise; Creative Centenaries brings a fresh approach to the study and memory of one of Ireland’s most defining periods. Over the coming months the Creative Centenaries website will be developing:

Interactive Timeline – highlighting key moments in our history.

Events – full event listings, including exhibitions, conferences and workshops, related to Decade of Centenaries themes.

Resources – Creative Centenaries educational iBooks, comics, modules and animations are currently in development. This section of the website will also showcase resources of partner organisations.

This website will grow over the coming months, so keep checking back for regular updates and become involved.