1921 Digital Artefact Trail Launched

Belfast City Council in collaboration with Nerve Centre are delighted to share this unique new digital resource.

The 1921 Digital Artefacts Trail has been designed to digitally bring together a range of Artefacts and Objects connected to the Events of 1921, a pivotal year that saw the very creation of Northern Ireland. In curating this collection of Artefacts we have worked with a range of Organisations - within the City of Belfast, and beyond.

Some of these Artefacts have previously been displayed Publicly before, some are currently on Public Display, and some are showcased here for the first time - but each of them tells a different type of story: Cultural, Political, Social, Economic and, in some cases, Personal.

It is our hope that bringing these Artefacts together, and by displaying them within context, will allow you to gain a greater insight into the events of that pivotal Year in Northern Ireland’s History.

You can browse all of the Artefacts identified and curated here as a Digital Trail, or, should you wish to plan a Physical Trail of your own, you can identify where some of these Artefacts may be physically seen on Display.