Creative Centenaries unveil new Graphic Novel exploring the partition of Ireland

The Nerve Centre's Creative Centenaries project has produced a new graphic novel exploring the events of 1919-1922, looking at the events leading up to and surrounding the partition of Ireland through material found across Ireland's archives.

Reflecting on these events 100 years on, the new graphic novel illustrated by Irish artist Maeve Clancy, follows the journey of a young school girl as she visits the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland, The Ulster Museum and The National Library of Ireland on a journey to better understand the events that led to the formation of two new states.

The graphic novel is accompanied by an education pack for Key Stage 3 pupils with background information on the partition of Ireland, as well as suggested digital learning activities for the classroom.

Further graphic novels highlighting the roles of real people and stories from throughout the 1912 – 1922 period are available to access for free from our website.