Borderline: The People's Story launched on Smartify

Borderline: The People's Story has been launched on the free digital app Smartify, which uses video, text and audio to bring works of art, history and heritage to life. Accessible from your sofa, kitchen table or daily commute, you can now delve into real stories of partition at any time.

The early 20th century in Ulster was a period of upheaval. Communities were divided, lives were lost, and borders were drawn. This trail tells the stories of some of those who were affected; stories of loss, change, and adapting to new situations. Pay a visit to some of those who lived through these tumultuous times, and hear how the years leading up to Partition and the aftermath that followed changed the world around them.

Download the Smartify app, or visit the web page using the QR code, to begin the trail. Throughout your visit, the residents of some of the buildings will have stories to tell...