VR company adopt First World War focus

Sibro, a new synchronised virtual reality platform dedicated to educational content, has been launched in Liverpool with its first film addressing the Battle of the Somme. 

The Sibro content distribution system allows the multiple classroom VR headsets to be managed by one device, allowing an entire class of students to share the same experience simultaneously.

Sibro  worked with BBC First World War historian Peter Barton to produce the first round of content, providing 360-degree VR tours of some of the First World War’s most notable historical sites and battlefields.

Sibro managing director and founder Gareth Abbott said: 'Sibro was born out of an idea from my battlefield tours company Esprit, where we wanted to offer schools more than just our traditional field trip to the Somme.

'From our development and production team, through to the amazing knowledge and talent of Peter Barton, we have created something which is visually stunning while also delivering a powerful educational tool.

Sibro’s plan is to focus on educational-based experiences initially, while exploring potential opportunities in healthcare and training.