Ulster Museum to Launch Remembering 1916 Exhibition

The Ulster Museum will launch their new 1916 exhibition on Friday, March 25, using museum and community objects to interpret the events of 1916, their impact on society and their legacy.

The 'Remembering 1916: Your Stories' exhibition forms a key part of the museum's 1916 centenary programme. The installation will bring together a diverse range of materials from the museum's own collection as well as drawing on a selection of community objects and stories collected through the Living Legacies First World War Engagement Centre. 

1916 was the pivotal year of the war for Ireland because of events at home and abroad. The exhibition will acknowledge the importance of the Battle of the Somme and the Easter Rising as distinct events, but will also encourage visitors to make new connections and appreciate the impact of war and revolution on wider society. 

The exhibition is divided into four main sections – ‘The Easter Rising’; ‘The Battle of the Somme’; ‘War and Society’; and ‘Legacy’. 

In addition to the range of artefacts on display there will be audio visual displays and an interactive touch-table which traces the course of the war and includes 3D scans, short films and interviews.