RTE archive video recalls Easter Rising

Over 50 eyewitness accounts from the Easter Rising have been made available by RTE in a new interactive map. 

The personal accounts of men and women involved in the uprising help to build a vivid picture of what was happening across Dublin during Easter 1916.

Members of the Irish Volunteers, the Citizen Army, Cumann na mBan, Dublin Metropolitan Police and citizens of Dublin open up about their experiences in the archive footage. 

The content has been matched to an interactive map of the city marked by 30 key locations from throughout the week long battle. Clicking on a location offers an individual describe an event they witnessed or took part in.

Among the stories are that of Min Ryan, the partner of Sean MacDiarmada, who visited the Rising leader on the eve of his execution in Kilmainham Gaol. 

British soldier Albert Palmer was among reinforcements sent from England to quell the Rising and recalls how they came under attack when making their way towards the city centre. 

Bríd Dooley, Head of RTÉ Archives, said: 'In the 1950s and ‘60s, RTÉ showed great foresight in recording the recollections of living participants and witnesses to the events of Easter week 1916 for radio and television. The collections have been carefully preserved by the RTÉ Archives over many decades. 

'The centenary comes at time of great opportunity with the digital world now enabling us to unlock this unique archive for current and future generations as never before.'

CLICK HERE to access the interactive map and view the video content. 

CLICK HERE to view an interactive timeline of the Easter Rising from Creative Centenaries.