Resource Fair for Marking the 2021 NI Centenary Announced

The Decade of Centenaries Roundtable is holding a Resource Fair on 24–26 February 2021. This free online event, hosted by the Community Relations Council, will showcase existing available resources for organisations marking the forthcoming 2021 NI Centenary.

The Resource Fair offers a variety of approaches to the centenary and opportunities for respectful listening. The sessions are guided by the Principles of Remembering, which will enable communities and organisations to mark the 2021 NI Centenary and engage in constructive dialogue about the impact of Partition.

The Fair will run over three days. Individual sessions will highlight the variety of resources available and demonstrate some of those resources in action. 

Contributors to this event include the Nerve Centre’s Creative Centenaries project along with other cultural organisations, government bodies and community relations groups from across Northern Ireland.