PRONI's November blog goes live

PRONI's blog series continues with an entry for November now available to view online, carrying the personal stories and experiences of men and women from 100 years ago. 

The organisation hold a wide range of records including letters, diaries and memoirs relating to the First World War and to contemporary events in Ireland, providing first-hand accounts of all aspects of war as well as the impact it had on life at home.

November's blog charts a period of static trench warfare on the Western Front while wartime activity was rife in Serbia, northern Greece and in Baghdad. 

Constance Masefield had returned home to London from the country with her husband, the poet John Masefield, and their family. In the blog she recounts a zeppelin raid. 

'The nightmare came up. There was a Zeppelin raid. I was at Isabel’s at 9:30 when suddenly ‘bang’ went the guns. In an instant I was in the street running with head down to get home to be with the children.

'Rather awestruck at my first experience of war. The sky was lit up with search lights and light bursts from the shells but the enemy was four miles off in the Strand.

Each month, PRONI will continue to publish transcripts from the personal papers and diaries of a range of individuals who lived throughout the period. 

Click here to read and download the November blog.