PRONI launch first in series of monthly war blogs

In order to mark the 100th anniverary of the First World War, PRONI are producing a monthly blog charting the experiences of men and women who lived through that turbulent period. 

PRONI hold a wide range of records, including letters, diaries and memoirs, relating to the First World War and to contemporary events in Ireland, providing firsthand accounts of all aspects of war as well as on life at home.

The first blog looks at the events of August 1914 and the personal views of those caught up in the ever increasing conflict. 

Lilian Spender, wife of Captain Wildrid Spender, recalls how her husband was summoned to return to his regiment.

"When we got home, I found W[ilfrid] had telephoned to me, and when I rang him up he told me that a rumour had come through that Germany had declared war on Russia, and that in all probability he would be wired for that night.

'It was horrible to have him go off like that, and be left behind.'

Each month the organisation will publish short transcripts from the papers of a number of individuals who lives through these years.

Click here to view the first blog on the PRONI website.