New war memorial website launches

A 'one stop shop' website for information on war memorials has been launched, including information on where to go for advice and funding. 

The purpose of the website is to provide information from specialist organisations involved in war memorials and access advice on how to look after and care for them as well as information on conservation grants and how to have memorials listed.

The continually growing online resource allows users to search for war memorials in particular areas and will help people to find historical information such as the condition of the monument and inscribed names.

It is hoped that the-four year project will eventually catalogue and cover war memorials from all modern conflicts up to and including Afghanistan. 

'After the First World War, war memorials were erected across the country in a huge wave of remembrance,' said Helen Grant from the War Memorials Trust.

'They were, and remain, records of our nation's sacrifice, our personal and collective memories carved in stone. Our part in this on-going story is to learn, restore and protect them for the future.'

Click here for more information on the website.