Major conference announced ahead of 2016

A major conference will take place at the Ulster Museum on October 15, looking ahead to the anniversaries of 2016 and how they will be remembered and commemorated here. 

Titled ‘1916 – What’s it all About?’, the day-long event will feature panels and interactive discussions with a range of professionals including the importance of 1916 in an island wide context; what’s happening here in 2016 and how people can get involved; and the role of learning and involving young people in exploring the past.

Three unique sessions will be spread throughout the day, including:

• Why is 1916 important?

A panel of history professionals will offer an insight into key events of 1916 including Easter Rising and the Battle of the Somme as well as the Battle of Jutland and movements in labour and suffrage. This session will attempt to understand how and why 1916 has become an important year to remember.

• What’s happening here in 2016?

A chance to hear from a range of organisations and groups about their advanced plans for 2016 and how anniversaries will be addressed. This session is also a chance for participants to share their experiences and ideas.

• Education, learning and involving young people

An interactive workshop for community groups, teachers, councils, youth leaders and anyone dealing with 2016 to get their hands on resources and practical information to help address and explore the significant anniversaries. 

Confirmed speakers so far include Richard Grayson, Tim Bowman, Michael Laffan, Philip Orr, John Gray, Marie Coleman and Eamon Phoenix.

Taking place in the Ulster Museum, Belfast, the event will also see presentations from heritage, cultural and community organisations about their involvement in marking 2016. Up to 30 exhibition stands will be situated throughout the Museum providing information and opportunities for those planning and organising their own events or programmes in 2016.

Admission to the resources fair is free, however booking is essential. While registering, attendees have the option to sign up for each of the three individual sessions.

CLICK HERE to book a place on any of the three sessions now.