Lives of the First World War project goes live

A unique new project led by the Imperial War Museum aims to build a permanent digital memorial to the people involved with the First World War.

Encouraging the public to actively work with them, the aim of the 'Lives of the First World War' project is to piece together more than eight million life stories and preserve them for generations to come.

If you have information on an individual whose contribution to the Great War is recorded in official documents, you can register to 'remember' them and view their 'life story' page.

As a member you will be able to link together evidence about people, upload digital images and include family stories or personal knowledge - helping to officially recognise and document the actions of family or friends.

Speaking at the launch of the Creative Centenaries project in Belfast in March, Luke Smith from the Lives of the First World War project highlighted the massive potential of the initiative to commemorate and remember everyone involved in one of history's most widespread and devastating conflicts.

For more information and to get started, visit