Fields of Battle, Lands of Peace opens at Belfast City Hall

A new outdoor photographic exhibition inspired by the First World War has opened at Belfast City Hall. 

'Fields of battle, Lands of peace' is a powerful outdoor exhibition by Michael St Maur Sheil, which tells of the healed scars of the First World War.

The pictures in the exhibition were taken to be shown in public parks, streets and city centres, and depict the story of reconciliation across the lands of the warring nations. Once places of devastating violence, now are seen as landscapes of great beauty, testament to peace and remembrance.

With a focus on education and ideal for both adults and children, the exhibition features researched content including archive images and facts to support the contemporary battlefield images.

Visited by more than four million people to date in the UK, France and as far afield as Turkey, Fields of Battle is the most widley viewed exhibition of the centenary period.

The exhibition will run each day in the grounds of Belfast City Hall until August 31.