Dan Snow launches new app for First World War

Writer, producer and digital director Dan Snow is producing a new app on the First World War to help schoolchildren visiting battlefields in Northern France. 

'It's true: an app is the entire text of a book with loads of stuff added into it: all the images, video, and geolocation. So clearly, an app is better than a book for history', he says.

Ballista, his digital company, are releasing the new app to help provide a further understanding of the spaces and places which were so important throughout the war.

'It's our app plus tools to take photos and videos, so that when they go back to give presentations as mandated by the government, they'll have this all-singing, all-dancing presentation to give their classmates, with their own content.

'That's why this is the future of education: taking kids out there, and giving them incredible information and rich, diverse archives of picture, text and maps,' he added.

Keen to point out that an app isn't a substitute for real life, Snow argues the screen is a tool to better understand what they're looking at.

'My dream was always that while television is wonderful, the place you want to see that television isn't when you're sitting at home on your sofa. The place you need audio-visual information is when you're at that place.

'We've been crawling towards this, due to huge hardware issues. But we're finally getting there now. And this is all about enhancing the reason you go to these places: you've got more reason to now than ever before.'

Click here to find out more information on the app including how to download and use it.