Donegal based artist John D. Ruddy has created a short animation offering a 'quick and easy way to understand what the Easter Rising was about'.

With an average of 120 hand-drawn illustrations, this eight minute video follows Ruddy's character Manny Man, as he transfroms from one significant historical figure to another, exploring key events happening in the lead up to, and during, the 1916 Easter Rising. 

Highlighting everything from The Nine Years War and the Ulster Plantation to the introduction of home rule and the beginning of the First World War, Easter Rising in 8 Minutes gives a brief yet comprehensive insight into Ireland's past.

John D. Ruddy is an artist, actor, historian and educator. Since 2014, he has created short videos about important historical events with an aim to 'make learning about history fun'. 

To view more of Ruddy's videos visit his YouTube channel.