1916: A Year That Shaped Ireland

The Nerve Centre is pleased to announce the release on our innovative iBook that explores and examines the events of 1916 and how they impacted on the island's history.

The free to download resource is just one of a range of media from the Creative Centenaries project that attempts to improve learning and understanding of events from 100 years ago and make it more accessible and engaging for a young audience. 

1916 proved to be a pivotal year in Ireland's history with both the Easter Rising and the Battle of the Somme taking place. 

This iBook resource uses video footage, audio content, interactive images and quizzes to look at events from 1912 up to and following 1916, and examining how the pivotal moments helped to shape Irish society. 

The iBook has repurposed content from the Nerve Centre's award-winning Symbols CD-ROM experience, helping to modernise it for a contemporary audience. 

Featuring suggested classroom activities throughout, the resource has been developed for a Key Stage 3 audience in mind but is easily accessible for all age groups.