One hundred years on from 8 February 1912, an audience at St Mary’s University, Belfast watched a dramatic reconstruction
of Winston Churchill’s famous vision of self-government for Ireland. 

In the play Home Rule?, the political complexities of 1912 are explored as Churchill, the then First Lord of the Admiralty in the government of Herbert Asquith, spoke in support of Home Rule. On that visit to Belfast, Churchill who was a Liberal MP, was forced to make his speech at Celtic Park football ground rather than the Ulster Hall where his father Randolph had previously spoken.

In his speech, Churchill attempted to give new meaning to the phrase “Ulster will fight and Ulster will be right”. The event was organised by the Belfast Celtic Society.

What worked well and what, if anything, didn't?

A panel discussion was held to garner a wide range of public opinion on the topic with the aim was to determine, a hundred years on, how much our society has developed.

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