As a result of work started in 2008, the Junction and Holywell Trust in partnership with the Irish School of Ecumenics have developed the Ethical and Shared Remembering Project, modelling effective collaboration between academic and community-based groups.

The project produces resources and provides talks, seminars and workshops built around the Decade of Anniversaries. All materials and events are built around an agreed ethical framework which is:

• Remembering in Context

• Remembering the Whole Decade

• Remembering the Future

• Remembering Ethically
• Remembering Together

Accredited Course on the Decade of Anniversaries

An OCN accredited training course has been developed and aims to stimulating dialogue, learning and sharing on ethical and shared remembering in the context of the 21st century. The 8-day course is cross-disciplinary as it spans politics, history and theology and covers matters concerned with the Decade of Anniversaries, including the feminist struggle, patriarchy and violence against women, and the impact and influence of literature on that decade (Yeats, O’Casey, etc.).

In addition, the Ethical and Shared Remembering Project has produced six booklets which are being widely disseminated, including Living with the Legacy: Key Themes of the Decade, Past and Present and Ethical and Shared Remembering: Visioning the Future 2012- 2022.

What worked well and what, if anything, didn't?

To date the programme has engaged over 5000 people from diverse backgrounds including statutory bodies, institutions, educational organisations, faith organisations, community and voluntary sector, victims and survivors, and ex-prisoners. Additionally, the two pilot training programmes have attracted over 50 participants which has included CRC staff, North West and Belfast-based organisations, clergy, ex-prisoners, and ex-policemen.

An important element of the project is the engagement with key stakeholders who are directly involved in planning and implementation of key centennial events in the upcoming decade, which means that the project has been able to influence practice around the Decade of Anniversaries and commemoration;

On-going monitoring and evaluation has enabled participants to influence the evolution of the programme;
• The programme’s approach is considered to give people a lens with which to examine the current context.

Further Information

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