A one-man show based on the life of Edward Carson focusing on the Home Rule bill and its aftermath, written by Paddy Scully.

The show premiered on the actual centenary of the signing of the Covenant in Belfast City Hall in the Crescent Art Centre, and played for a week. Later it toured to several venues across Northern Ireland, including the Island Centre, Lisburn and the Lyric Theatre, Belfast in 2013.

What worked well and what, if anything, didn't?

In some outreach events surrounding the play, held in some high schools around Belfast, the young school going audience were in some cases totally ignorant of the salient facts around the protagonist, who, what, where, and why relating to historical events. In some cases people found it hardly believable that the man was indeed a Dubliner.

Further Information

Paddy Scully, p.scully207@gmail.com