• Outreach

The Creative Centenaries outreach programme saw 5,276 young people and adults engaging with heritage through digital creativity and the latest technologies. A wide-ranging programme inspired learning about heritage using a variety of educational resources – iBooks, animations, graphic novels, VR stories – and workshop formats.

Digital technologies used and skills developed included 3D printing, virtual reality, animation, filmmaking and comic book production. The majority of participants were young people, particularly the 12-18 age group, and from communities in disadvantaged areas.

What worked well and what, if anything, didn't?

  • Using innovative resources and formats e.g. comic books, animations, digital content, VR to engage participants and encourage shared understanding of our heritage.
  • Varying formats to suit audiences e.g. bite size 2 hour workshops with primary school pupils, drop in all day sessions in heritage locations like Ulster Museum, HMS Caroline.
  • Delivering creative opportunities linked to exhibitions e.g. gaming workshops exploring the Battle of the Somme during the #MakingHistory 1916 exhibition run
  • Developing partner-specific workshops, e.g. Digital Fabrication on HMS Caroline, responding to unique heritage elements of the ship.
  • Developing and delivering Queen’s adult education session through the Open Learning Programme
  • Teacher training sessions and workshops with trainee PGCE teachers
  • Offering sessions in heritage locations and at dedicated workshops but also going out to schools and community venues to deliver training
  • Involving participants rather than simply talk at them and encouraging the production of something new

Further Information

Niall Kerr, n.kerr@nervecentre.org, 028 7126 0562