Mid & East Antrim Borough Council organised an event to commemorate 100 years since the Battle of the Somme. The event included music and poetry readings. A play was commissioned which depicted the events of 1916 and how it impacted on people from all community backgrounds. 

This was performed on Sunday 26 June 2016. GR also supported the event by using their networks and community and schools contacts, elected representatives, MLAs, MPs etc. to ensure that it was inclusive and there was a wide range of representatives participating.

GR was also highly involved in the organisation of the event, sending invitations, preparation meetings, co-ordination on the day.

What worked well and what, if anything, didn't?

Council led initiative which demonstrated good partnership working with local community. The event was successful. Attendees included a wide representation of the community including MPs, MLAs, elected representatives, community representatives, schools, armed forces, youth organisations etc.

Good partnership working between GR with local community and event participants. GR provided opportunity for community and youth to learn the facts about their culture and heritage. The project has helped the participants to celebrate their culture in a respectful manner. 

The range of participants helped to achieve an increased sense of belonging and partnership working. The project involved young people and assisted their learning around culture and heritage.

Further Information

Jane Dunlop, Jane.Dunlop@midandeastantrim.gov.uk