Mid & East Antrim Borough Council’s Good Relations Programme supported local community Group, The Carson Project Ballymena, to host a Shared History event (facilitated by Philip Orr) which looked at the Easter Rising and the Battle of the Somme. 

This event took place on 2 June 2016 at the Braid in Ballymena, and GR support included monetary support towards venue hire and catering as well as support in kind, providing community contacts info, forwarding invitations (on behalf of the group) to a variety of stakeholders including local education providers, elected members, MPs, MLAs, Council SMT & colleagues.

What worked well and what, if anything, didn't?

Good partnership working between Council’s GR Team and local community group/event organisers The Carson Project, Ballymena. Group has shown leadership in hosting such an event / opening invitation to this wide remit of people in leadership roles.

The local group has worked in partnership (across divisions) to host an event that marks the Decade of Anniversaries, demonstrating leadership and creating awareness. 

The group/community has felt comfortable in promoting a Good Relations event such as this, within the local Mid & East Antrim area of Ballymena.

Further Information

Jane Dunlop, Jane.Dunlop@midandeastantrim.gov.uk