Derry City Council learning packs

Derry City Council have produced education and learning packs which take a look at some key events throughout the Decade of Centenaries. 

Historical Events of the 20th Century

This learning pack looks at the following events using a mix of activities from quizzes to worksheets.

  • First World War and the Easter Rising

  • The War of Independence and Partition of Ireland

  • World War II and 1950s

  • Civil Rights and Troubles

Suitable for upper Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3

Connection & Division 1910 - 1930

This pack explores the impact of national and international events in the north western region of Ireland between1910 -1930, using a range of primary source material. It is divided into four sections:

  • Home Rule Crisis

  • First World War

  • Easter Rising

  • Impact of Partition

Suitable for upper Key Stage 3 and Year 14 students

Click on the link to the left to download the resources or to access the Derry City Council website. 

Centenary Event: 


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