Defence Heritage Project

Could you help to identify and record defence heritage structures in their localities across Northern Ireland?

The Defence Heritage Project, led by the Northern Ireland Environment Agency, has been recording aspects of defence heritage across the country and is now looking for volunteers to record remaining sites so they can be added to the Defence Heritage Record.

Delivered in partnership with Living Legacies 1914-18, Queen's University Belfast and PHD student Heather Montgomery, the project wants to enlist the help of the public. 

The project is seeking to record not only what survives today, but also that which had been built but has since been destroyed. 

You can click here to search the Built Heritage Map Viewer to see the defence heritage sites already mapped in Northern Ireland.

But could you help to inform of a defence heritage structure not recorded on this list or help to update the record for a particular structure already recorded?

Click here to download the Site Recording Form and click here to download the Project Handbook.

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