The Irish Amateur Military Tradition in the British Army, 1854-1992

PRONI will host a half day conference looking at military traditions to mark the launch of a new book by Dr William Butler. 

The day will feature input from a number of historians and academics, including: 

• Dr Timothy Bowman (University of Kent): The Protestant amateur military tradition in Ireland since 1778

• Ian Montgomery (PRONI): Thoroughbred Irishmen: Black Watch volunteers in Dublin before the First World War.

• Michael Foy: The Fenian tradition in the latter nineteenth century.

• Dr William Butler (University of Kent): The Irish amateur military tradition in the British Army

The event will be followed by the launch of 'The Irish Amateur Military Tradition in the British Army, 1854-1992'.

Entry is free. CLICK HERE to register. 

Event Details


2 Titanic Boulevard


Thursday, February 9, 2017 - 14:00

Centenary Event

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Admission free. CLICK HERE to register.