3D image created of First World War cruiser

Only significant Royal Navy wreck from Battle of Jutland in English waters has been recreated in 3D image

Lego used to recreate GPO from Easter Rising

Over 50,000 lego bricks used to form a lego Sackville Street from the 1916 uprising

Major New Addition To #MakingHistory 1916 Exhibition

Shelter from Irish artist Anne Tallentire examines architectural legacy of First World War Nissen Hut
Somme Philharmonic

Somme film screening announced with live orchestral score

Iconic Battle of the Somme film will be accompanied by a live orchestra for Lisburn event

New website charts Sikh experiences during First World War

A new website which aims to build the biggest database on the Sikh experience during the First World War has been launched has gone live as part of a worldwide
Tim McGarry

Comedian prepares to launch 1916 inspired show

Tim McGarry will draw on inspiration from events during the Decade of Centenaries for new comedy tour
Loose Ends

Willie Doherty unveils new Easter Rising inspired artwork

Loose Ends inspired by Doherty’s interest in the relationship between landscape and memory around Easter Rising
Fields of Battle, Lands of Peace

Fields of Battle, Lands of Peace opens at Belfast City Hall

World's most widely viewed First World War exhibition comes to grounds of Belfast City Hall

RTE to make follow up to Rebellion series

Rebellion: Two States will be set during the Irish War of Independence
PRONI July blog

PRONI's July blog reveals Somme campaign

July journal includes letters and final wills written during the Battle of the Somme
British Council

British Council develop Somme education pack

Remembering the Battle of the Somme education pack developed to enhance understanding of 1916 campaign
Jack Rutherford

Derry soldier at Somme remembered in recovered tape recording

An interview with a Derry soldier who fought at the Battle of the Somme has been uncovered by family after more than 30 years. Jack Rutherford left the city aged
Battle of the Somme

Somme diaries of Irish priest found 100 years later

BBC's Voices 16 documentary uncovers lost archives and stories from the Battle of the Somme
Library Men

Libraries NI launch 'Library Men of WW1' project

Letters from Librarians at the front to the Chief Librarian in Belfast go on display
Ghosts of Thiepval

Virtual reality Somme film to feature in #MakingHistory exhibition

Immersive experience places viewers in the heart of the Somme trenches in July 1916