PRONI's September blog now available to view

The second in a series of blogs charting the experience of men and women who lived through the First World War is now available to view on the PRONI website.

PRONI hold a wide range of records, including letters, diaries and memoirs, relating to the First World War and to contemporary events in Ireland, providing firsthand accounts of all aspects of war as well as on life at home.

The September blog includes an account from Belfast woman Nora Gardner who found herslef trapped in Germany when war was declared having been visiting friends.

'In Berlin, all was apparently normal, except that the churches were now crowded, and people were more anxious to be in time for the service, than previously they had wished to be, for a theatre performance,' she said. 'The Germans are very satisfied about this, as it is to them another proof of how God is leading them.'

Each month the organisation will publish short transcripts from the papers of a number of individuals who lived through the period.

Click here to view the September blog.