Leading Irish musicians lend support to Rising film

Leading Irish musicians Sinead O'Connor and Shane McGowan have put their support a new film called about the Easter Rising known as 'The Rising'.

The film will focus on the actions of Sean McDermott, one of the seven signatories of the Proclamation alongside James Connolly and Patrick Pearse.

It is thought Sinead O'Connor could have a starring role in the production while Shane McGowan, frontman with The Pogues, is expected to write an original song for the piece. The remainder of the cast has yet to be confirmed.

Directed by Kevin McCann, the film is currently seeking funding from a Kickstarter campaign to get it into production. 

'Whether you agree with what happened or not, it's history and it has to be remembered,' said McCann. 

'We have the support of Sean McaDiarmada's family, and the families of other leader such as James Connolly.'

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