A series of films from 1914 will be screened in the grounds on Belfast City Hall on August 8th.

Marking the centenary of the First World War, this specially commissioned programme aims to recreate a typical night out at the cinema in 1914.

A collection of comedies, adventure films, travelogues and newsreels will combine to offer a sense of the time.

Amongst the vintage cinematic output are such silent wonders as Daisy Doodad’s Dial and Palace Pandemonium as well as more sombre contemporary footage such as German Occupation of Historic Louvain and Egypt and her Defenders.

This 100 year old experience is topped with the BFI’s lovingly restored version of the classic Farewell to Arms starring Gary Cooper, offering audiences a definitive flavour of a Night at the Cinema in 1914. 

Admission is free, but booking is advised. Tickets available from: http://qftfilmhubni.ticketsource.co.uk/events

Event Details


Belfast City Hall
Donegall Square


Friday, August 8, 2014 - 13:00

Centenary Event

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Screening of a range of films, including: Daisy Doodad’s DialPalace PandemoniumOccupation of Historic Louvain, Egypt and her Defenders and Farewell to Arms.