In popular memory and imagination, inspired in large part by the TV series Blackadder and the work of various war poets, the word ‘Somme’ conjures up images of blood, mud and slaughter.

However, some historians portray the Somme as a victory for the British army, albeit one which cost thousands of lives, and part of an essential ‘learning process’ regarding tactics and artillery support.

Historian Dr Timothy Bowman will not only consider these different perspectives of the Battle but how a small pre-war Army, largely focused on imperial policing, exponentially expanded in a short space of time and how it coped with the new type of warfare in WWI.

Dr Bowman has held lecturing posts at The Queen’s University of Belfast, University of Durham and King’s College London before moving to the University of Kent in 2005.

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St Mary's University College
191 Falls Road
BT12 6FE


Tuesday, August 9, 2016 - 13:00

Centenary Event

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