In 1916 the majority of Ulster Unionism made the decision to abandon their Covenant pledge to fellow travellers in Donegal, Monaghan and Cavan; and pursue a six County solution to the 'Irish problem'.

The acrimony generated would have consequences not just in Ulster, but across the entire spectrum of Irish Unionism; whilst alongside, the abandoned Unionists locally soon found themselves directly at odds with a new even more domineering and forceful political ascendancy.

Quincey Dougan looks at the reactions and experiences of those Unionists who found themselves in a scenario that challenged their very identity, and in some cases their physical existence.

Quincey Dougan is an historian, historical consultant and weekly columnist with the Belfast Newsletter. He regularly gives presentations on topics within the broad realms of Irish History, politics and culture; and facilitates group work and discussions in related subject areas.

He has authored several books including Leitrim-A County at War (August 2015); and The Armagh Brigade- The formation and sacrifice of the Ulster Volunteer Force in the Orchard County.

In the past his main areas of interest have been (but not confined to) the Great War, the Home Rule Crisis, the history and development of the marching band in Ireland, Ulster Loyalism and Unionism, Irish Unionism; and the Orange Order (particularly its development and history within Ireland outside the confines of Ulster). His work has included regular historical features in the Belfast Newsletter, and has also featured in History Ireland Magazine and a range of other publications.

This event is organised by Féile an Phobail as part of their Spring Festival; Féile an Earraigh.

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St. Mary's College
191 Falls Road
BT12 6FE


Monday, March 21, 2016 - 19:00

Centenary Event